Our Photos and Digital ArtWorks

Our virtual gallery provides a visual access to samples from our main Art Portfolios with thousands of Photo and Digital Artworks available for sale to galleries, professional photographers, and the world's leading stock photo libraries, agencies, organizations and institutions.


All of our Art Photographs and the resulting digital Art Works are dedicated only to positive moments of human existence on this beautiful planet and are based on a positive view of the mother nature and our interactions with her.   We see the world as a wonderful garden which has the same traces of beauty, colours and shades of light in all of its even the most distant and secluded corners.  Through this global garden with its living species interacting with their habitats in a variety of ways, we try to capture and recreate a vision of only the benevolent moments and representations of life.


In our PhotoArt Gallery VIDIM we exhibit visual imprints of ‘splendor in the grass’ in our lives.   Our roots are from the lands of OLD SLAVIC people in Europe and many of our albums are with the titles written in our native language, however, their visual contents and spirit are written and presented in a universal language - PHOTOGRAPHY.   Dear visitors and photo dreamers, please enjoy your visits to our galleries and albums and contact us if you need or wish to have any of our works displayed, mentioned or linked to here or elsewhere.
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